Thursday, October 6, 2011

We had a great summer!

It's almost Thanksgiving. We have had great weather since spring time here! Its a little cooler in the evening, but most days are still really ncie and sunny and warm.
We built a new sauna bath at my camp this year. My brother Raymond, sister inlaw Michele, and my nefews and neice, brother in law and friends all chiped in and shared in the work. Its kind of fun to build something from scratch. Although Raymond and his boys did most of the work! The old sauna was in really bad shape. It was originally a wood-cutters shack that my dad moved there about 40 yrs. ago and transformed it into a sauna. We were able to use the original stove with a little bit (or alot of welding!) and one of the benches and everything else went into the burn pile.
Had the first sauna the second week of August, and I don't think it cooled off until September!

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